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Special Rules of play:

The winner goes up, the loser goes down in the ladder, the drawers stay at the same level.
All players start at level 0. If they lose, they stay at level 0.



code field:
<opening code>/<level>/<game_number>

game situation:
*a = address error 
*f = forfait claimed 
*l = lost contact with opponent 
*n = never started asks a new opponent 
*o = ok the game is going on 
*r = removed from tourney 
*w = waiting first move 
*? = Please send me (or resend me) the game status report


Opening Code

Moves Name The Climb Code
1.g4 Grob grob
1.d4 e5 Englund engl
1.e4 Nc6 (if 2.Nf3 no e5; if 2.d4 e5 no 3.Nf3) Nimzowitch nimzo
1.e4 g6 2.d4 Nf6 se 3.Nc3 no d6; Norvegean nor
1.d4 Nc6 2.d5 Orenburg Defense or Lundin Defense oren