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Archive 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010
Date Author, Title Section
01 Jan Ward, Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2, Batsford, 2001, ISBN 0 7134 8236 2, Chris Delgado Openings (specific)
02 Jan Short, Chess Basics, Sterling, 1st Ed., 1994, ISBN: 0-8069-0798-3, Sumeet Kishnani General
03 Jan Lane, Beating the French, Henry Holt, 1994, ISBN 0-8050-3292-4, Tom Williams Openings (specific)
03 Jan Levitt & Van den Heever, Geheime van posisionele skaak, Johannesburg: Ion Uitgewers, 1995, ISBN: 0620186003, Christoff Mans Tactics and Strategy
08 Jan Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes, Chess Enterprises, 1978, ISBN 0-931462-01-0, Bill Wall Collection of games
11 Jan Koltanowski, Chessnicdotes2, Chess Enterprises, 1981, ISBN 0-931462-11-8, Bill Wall Collection of games
11 Jan Botvinnik, Lavori Critici e Analitici (Analytical and Critical Works) - Vol. 1 - 1923-1941, Caissa Italia, 2001, Alberto Secondi Tactics and Strategy
11 Jan Norwood, The Usborne Guide To Advanced Chess, Usborne Publishing Ltd., 1990, ISBN: 0-7460-0617-9, James Brewer Tactics and Strategy
16 Jan Gufeld, The Art of the King's Indian, Batsford, 2000, ISBN: 0-7134-8661-9, Scott Cliff Openings (specific)
23 Jan Langen, Coles Notes - Your Guide to Better Chess, Coles Publishing, 2002, ISBN: 0-7740-0638-2, Gregory Topov Free DB Books
24 Jan Keene, Duels of the Mind: The Twelve Best Games of Chess, Batsford, 1991, ISBN: 0-7134-6768-1, Gregory Topov Free DB Books
26 Jan Fiske & Morphy, The Chess Monthly, Volume 1, 1857, Moravian Chess, 2000, ISBN 80-7189-269-6, Bill Wall Collection of games
31 Jan Silman, The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, Siles Press, 1998, ISBN: 1890085014, Ludger Köster Tactics and Strategy
31 Jan Soltis, The Best Games of Boris Spassky, David McKay Co, Inc., 1973, Timothy Jay Beeck Games - Players
04 Feb Soltis, Beating the Sicilian with the Short-Nunn Attack, Chess Digest, 1993, ISBN: 0-87568-230-8, Aniello Tucci Openings (specific)
06 Feb Karklins, Modern Grandmaster Chess (As Exemplified in the 1964 USSR Zonal Tournament), Chicago Chess Books, 1974, Marc Adlam Collection of games
09 Feb Petrosian, Petrosian's Legacy, Editions Erebouni, 1990, Luc Fortin Games - Players
09 Feb Tangborn, Improving and staying sharp, Chess Digest, Nick Georgiou Tactics and Strategy
10 Feb Hajtun, Selected Games of Mikhail Tal, Dover Publications, 1961, ISBN: 0486231127, Elijah Kaufman Games - Players
14 Feb Reinfeld, Hypermodern Chess, Dover, 1958, ISBN: 0486204480, Claudio Nunes Free DB Books
14 Feb Platz, Chess Memoirs, Chess Enterprises, 1979, ISBN 0-931462-02-9, Bill Wall Free DB Books
17 Feb Grief, 200 Demanding Chess Puzzles, Sterling, 1996, ISBN: 0-8069-5977-0, Pete Del Vecchio Endgame and problems
20 Feb Chernev & Reinfeld, Winning Chess, Simon & Schuster, 1975, ISBN: 1-85744-461-2, Curtis Thetford Tactics and Strategy
22 Mar Pecci, Chess: A Psychiatrist Matches Wits with Fritz, Pavior Publishing, Walnut Creek, California, USA, 2001, ISBN: 1-929331-04-5, Keith Wald Free DB Books
22 Mar Soltis, Catalog of Chess Mistakes, McKay, 1979, ISBN 0-879-13250-3, Bill Wall Free DB Books
22 Mar Wicker, 200 Modern Brilliancies, Arco, 1981, ISBN 0-668-05214-7, Bill Wall Free DB Books
24 Mar Waitzkin, Attacking Chess, Fireside, 1995, ISBN: 0684802503, Jeffrey Dunning, USA Free DB Books
25 Mar Euwe & Loon, Oom Jan leert zijn neefje schaken, Van Goor Zonen, 1935, Fernando Pauwels, Belgium Free DB Books
27 Mar Gelfer, Manuale del gioco posizionale, The positional chess handbook, Prisma Editori, 1996, ISBN: 88-7264-052-1, Gianni Gigante Tactics and Strategy
30 Mar Lawton, Tony Miles: 'It's Only Me': England's First Chess Grandmaster, Batsford, 2003, ISBN: 0713488093, Robert John Free DB Books
04 Apr Schiller, Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings, Cardoza Publishing, 1998, ISBN: 0-940685-91-4, Dylan Alliata Free DB Books
10 Apr Schiller, The Panov Attack: Fianchetto Variation - At the crossroads of opening theory, Part 3 Free DB Books
18 Apr Tamburro, Learn Chess From The Greats, Dover, 2000, ISBN: 0-486-41373-x , Brian Karen Free DB Books
18 Apr Lutes, Tennison Gambit, Chess Enterprises, 1995, ISBN 0-945470-55-X, Yves Picard Openings (specific)
22 Apr McDonald, Mastering Checkmates, Batsford, 2003, ISBN: 0713487747, Jolly Chen Tactics and Strategy
26 Apr Evans & Roberts & Silman, How To Get Better At Chess: Chess Masters On Their Art, Summit Publishing, 1991, ISBN: 0-945806-05-1, Terry Mickle Free DB Books
29 Apr Weteschnik, 13 Perlen, Blauer Punkt Verlag, 2001, ISBN: 3-9806472-3-4, Fredy Häner Free DB Books
02 May Snyder, Chess for Juniors, Random House Puzzles & Games, 1991, ISBN: 0812918673, Pawel Tlalka Free DB Books
03 May O´Kelly, 34 Mal Schachlogik, Walter de Gruyter & Co., 1963, Theo van den Berkmortel Free DB Books
06 May Euwe & Blaine & Rumble, The Logical Approach to Chess, Pitman, 1958, ISBN: 0486243532, Iolo Jones Tactics and Strategy
12 May Soltis, Beating the Pirc/Modern with the Fianchetto Variation, Chess Digest, 1993, ISBN: 0875682200, Dave Regis Free DB Books
14 May Speelman, Best chess games 1970-1980, London: George Allen and Unwin, 1982, ISBN: 0 04 794015 8, Dave Regis Free DB Books
21 May Rubinstein, Rubinstein's Chess Masterpieces, Dover, 1941, ISBN: 0-48620-6173, Jorgevan Jazzo Free DB Books
27 May Wells, Winning With the Trompowsky, Batsford, 2003, ISBN: 071348795X, Mick Hensler Free DB Books
28 May Silman, Winning with the Caro-Kann Defense, Chess Digest, 1993, ISBN: 0-87568-222-7, Ariel Quintana Openings (specific)
31 May Gannholm, Gannholms special, Schackbulletinens förlag, Uppsala, Sweden, 1977, Anders Lovén Free DB Books
03 Jun Giffard, 100 exercices pour vous préparer aux tournois - tome 3, Bornemann, 2001, ISBN: 2-85182-625-5, Matthieu Stawik Free DB Books
06 Jun Znosko-Borovsky, How to Play Chess Endings, Dover, 1974, ISBN: 0-486-21170-3, Ernest Hong Free DB Books
08 Jun Keene, Discover your chess strength, Batsford, 1992, ISBN: 0-7134-7074-7, Patrick Saillot Free DB Books
08 Jun Suetin, Russisch bis Koenigsgambit, Sportverlag 1982 Berlin, Enrico Dentoni Free DB Books
22 Jun Reinfeld, Chess: Win in 20 Moves or Less, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1948, ISBN: 0-690-18916-8, Jason Luchan Free DB Books
27 Jun Fine, Great moments in modern chess, Dover, 1965, ISBN: 0-486-21449-4, William Hewitt Free DB Books
30 Jun Boedicker, Amsterdam schaakstad: hoofdstukken uit de geschiedenis van het schaakleven in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Schaakbond Groot-Amsterdam, 1994, ISBN: 9053660593, William Chau Free DB Books
03 Jul Mednis, How to Beat Bobby Fischer, Dover, 1997, ISBN: 0-486-29844-2, Bill Brock Free DB Books
10 Jul Quaderni di Scacchi - I Grandi Giocatori - David Bronstejn, Mursia, 1975, Giovambattista Rizzo Free DB Books
11 Jul Johansson, The King's Gambit for the creative agressor, Schachverlag Kania, 2001, ISBN 3-931192-09-1, Yves Picard Openings (specific)
12 Jul Reinfeld & Chernev, Chess Strategy and Tactics, David McKay, 1946, Roman Bonzon Tactics and Strategy
18 Jul Euwe & Meiden, Amateur wird Meister, Walter de Gruyter & Co, 1965, Archiv-Nr. 5369 641, Franz Cech General
18 Jul Hodgson, Attack with GM Julian Hodgson book 2, Hodgson Enterprises, 1997, ISBN: 0 9529373 1 x, Jean Comte Tactics and Strategy
18 Jul Pfleger, Die besten Partien deutscher Schachgroßmeister, Falken-Verlag, 1983, ISBN: 3 8068 4121 7, Thomas Krüger Collection of games
25 Jul Fine, Lessons From My Games, Dover, 1958, ISBN: 0-486-24429-6, Aaron Deskins Games - Players
30 Jul Wade & Blackstock, 50th USSR Championship Final, GM Edition, Panther House, Mount P, 1983, Bernard Setiabudhi Free DB Books
02 Aug Dvoretsky, Secrets of chess tactics, Batsford, 1992, ISBN: 0-7134-7093-3, Denis Allaire Tactics and Strategy
07 Aug Pandolfini, Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves, Simon & Schuster, 1985, ISBN: 0-671-60609-3, Bernard Setiabudhi Free DB Books
13 Aug Pachman, Decisive Games, Pitman, 1975, ISBN: 0273318128, Jon Halldorsson Free DB Books
26 Aug Seirawan, Winning Chess Openings, Microsoft Press, 1998, ISBN: 0-7356-0514-9, Keith Leng Openings (general)
01 Sept Charushin, Alekhine's block, Pickard & Son, 1996, ISBN: 1-886846-06-5, Daniel Poissant Tactics and Strategy
01 Sept McDonald, Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking, Batsford, 2004, ISBN: 0 7134 8894 8, James Logan Tactics and Strategy
03 Oct Soppe & Grosso, Eliskases - Caballero del Ajedrez, Editorial Municipal de Córdoba, 1992, Alejandro Falcov Games - Players
03 Oct Kosten, Mastering The Nimzo-Indian with the read and play method, Batsford, 1998, ISBN: 0 7134 8383 0, Fonsie Gorman Openings (specific)
03 Oct McDonald, Mastering Chess Tactics, Batsford, 2002, ISBN: 0-7134-8772-0, Nathan Choate Tactics and Strategy
15 Oct Walker, Chess Openings For Juniors, Oxford University Press, 1975, Ken Openings (general)
15 Oct Eliskases, Jogo de Posiçăo, Rio de Janeiro, 1943, Fernando Borges Tactics and Strategy
13 Nov Anton, Leitfaden des Schachspiels, Hachmeister & Thal, Leipzig s.a., ~ 1933, Ernst Mihokovic Free DB Books
13 Nov Horowitz, Solitaire Chess, Cornerstone Library, 1972, Miguel Garcia Free DB Books
13 Nov Reinfeld, Keres' Bedste Skakpartier [Keres' Best Games of Chess (G.Bell and Sons 1941)], H. Hirschsprungs Forlag, 1947, Klaus Mosegaard Free DB Books
13 Nov Sapundziev, System Botvinik against Queen's gambit, Medicina i fizkultura, 1986, Stili Dimitrov Free DB Books
20 Dec Clarke, Mikhail Tal's Best Games of Chess, G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1973, ISBN: 0 7135 0204 5, Michael Roberts Free DB Books
21 Dec Srokovsky & Borulia & Braslawski, Mastering The Bishop Pair, International Chess Enterprises, 1999, ISBN: 1-879479-78-8, Glenn Claussen Free DB Books
27 Dec Lombardy and Daniels, U.S. Championship Chess, McKay 1975, ISBN 0-679-13042-X, Bill Wall Free DB Books
28 Dec Evans, Chess Catechism, Fireside, 1970, ISBN 671-21531-0, Bill Wall Free DB Books

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