Copyright Notice

Some Publishers asked me to remove some DB Books for which they hold the copyright.

Please don't send me DB Books from:
. Gambit Publications Ltd.
. Everyman Chess
. Cadogan Chess
. Pergamon
. British Chess Magazine
. Sahovski informator (Chess Informant)
. Thinkers' Press, Inc.
. Chessco

The DB Books aren't free!
All the transfers are logged, the files are zipped and protected by a password.

You can download the files in the "FREE" section, but If you want to have the password you should send me a file in .pgn or ChessBase format.

Please do as follows:

- choose a book from your collection;
- check that the title isn't available in the book's list (use the search engine);
- enable referrer logging, disable your firewall and fill the form with full details (Author, Title, Publisher, Year);
- wait for a confirm;
- only when you will receive a reply you can prepare the file with the games and/or diagrams from the book without any annotation.

When you have done this, I will send you a password within 48 hours and you will be able to download ALL the DB Books.
Please send me only original works.

If you have any question please send an email or write to:
Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi
I - 01010 Tre Croci - VT
PGP key available