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08 Oct 11

Guide and Chess Resources

Reviewed by SuperEva  Guida di Scacchi - sito del portale di Supereva di DADA net - in Italian - Online game directory with categorized, searchable listings of online game sites - Searchable listings of online Game Directory


Mailing list

ChessChat - ChessChat is a place for all chess players to come in and chat about chess interests. ChessChat is for everyone. If chess is a game you enjoy and you would like to meet and chat with other chess players from around the world, this is the place for you. It's your move!
ChessDatabase - Chess Database Group for both Commercial and Freeware database chess software programs.
ChessEngine - Group for Chess Engine Users and Position testing.
Chessparrot - Openings, History, Literature, Humour - Discussion group for all those who love chess, good books - perhaps the odd surprise mention - and the history of the game and its Masters.
UnorthodoxChessOpenings - A group for all the chessplayers who love unorthodox chess openings and games.
Chess_Improvement - Chess Improvement includes all methods and means available to improve one's Chess Game.
Chess_Library - This is the Chess Library (Chess Books and Videos) of the  Chess Improvement Group
Chess_Analysis - A group for the mutual analysis of beginner to intermediate players elo 1800 or less. post your game and the group will analyse it giving you thier opinions and advice


Play chess

ICCF - International correspondence chess federation
ICCF Europa - website of European ICCF Zone
ICCF Africa-Asia - website of Africa Asia ICCF Zone
ASIGC - Associazione Scacchistica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispondenza

AJAX - Associação de Jogadores Amadores de Xadrez
Chessemail - A Correspondence Chess Email Server where you can play for free - Play Online Chess - Play free online chess against international players, play in tournaments, chess database, forums, ELO raings, past games history and statistics
ChessMoon - New online chess service. Play games for free on our online chess boards. is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players from all over the World! It is rapidly becoming the best place to play, compete in tournaments, join teams, learn, keep in touch with old friends and make new friends worldwide.

FICGS FICGS - is the most competitive place for correspondence chess and gathers many of the strongest players in the world.
There you can also find forums, a wiki & other informations about chess. A well-known feature is Wikichess, an open chess repertoire where the players can comment any move of the chess tree -

Free Online Chess
IECC - International Email Chess Club

Play Online Chess Online Correspondence Chess Club - is an online chess club where you can play correspondence, turn based chess.

LIAPE (International League for Chess Email)
M.A.P.E.J.K. - free email chess tournaments
MDK Malbork (Poland)

PlayChess offers on-line chess tournaments and casual games for players from beginners to masters. The games are played on on-line chess boards with a time schedule in the order of one move per day. The site's offers include annotating your games, thematic tournaments, rating calculation, PGN downloads and much more. PlayChess is one of the leading correspondence chess servers with about 2000 visitors each day.

Telescacchi - vengono descritti con immagini le configurazioni dei software per il gioco email. Download di programmi per il gioco email. Regolamenti ufficiali di gioco - In italiano
Thematic Email Chess Club

Virtual Chess Club! - Torneios de xadrez por e-mail no Brasil
World Chess Email - Play email chess for free


Recommended site

Chess Today - Net-based daily chess newspaper - It covers news and provides you with well-annotated games, which also come attached in Chess Base and PGN format. CT also contains puzzles, stories, lessons and interviews. It comes as a conveniently laid out document in PDF format, delivered via trusted YahooGroups ( service


Lars Balzer - link collection to chess games around the internet that can be downloaded for free

FIDE - Federazione internazionale di scacchi
John's Chessbook Reviews - John Elburg Chessbook Reviews
The Week In Chess
Chess Circle Forums - an interesting site with forums about chess general topics, games analysis and computer chess
Chess teaching - Chess lessons and exercises for beginners and intermediate players and chess teachers
The London Chess Center
La Mecca
- Chess Encyclopedia
JuegoCiencia  - Todo el ajedrez. Un solo lugar. - Here you'll find all the most important tournament news and games that are actually playing around the world. With contests, interviews and theoretical sections, everything daily-actualized.
John B. Henderson's Column  - The almost daily chess column 'The Scotsman' by John B. Henderson with online games and download.
The Great Pawn Hunter
- A very nice site that has chess stories, lessons and a little history for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

 VideoChess - a place on the Internet where everyone can get free chess lessons. This page contains everything; from elementary lessons, for beginners, to advanced lectures of the very best quality.


Hechtceros del tablero

101 Chess Tips - Chess strategy tips and tricks - Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE!
A rébours - Gli scacchi visti diversamente - informazioni aggiornate sui tornei di Roma e provincia e di Campo de' Fiori, in accordo con l'associazione culturale "L'arrocco", più qualche altra sezione didattica e tornei di Parigi
Ajedrez Siglo 21
Ajedrez 2000
- Ramon Escoda
Ajedrez de Estilo - Juan Morgado
Arman Chess Page - ChessTown ComputerChess Home Page of Arman Sabciyan
ASIS - (Associazione Silenziosa Italiana Scacchistica) associazione formata da giocatori sordi che giocano a scacchi a livello nazionale
Bill Wall's Chess Page
Blackmar Diemer Gambit - The 10th anniversary of E.J. Diemer's death in the year 2000 was reason enough for the initiators Holger Erbe and Peter Leisebein to start a club of interested chess enthusiasts on Febuary 2 2000. (as successor to the "Blackmar-Gemeinde" at Diemer's times), which is dedicated to the BDG (and gambit systems related to the BDG).
Everybody who is willing to participate regularly in the tournaments and abides by the rules of the club, may become a club member. Membership is free!

Bobby Fischer unofficial Home Page
British Chess Magazine
Caíssa Café - Adalberto Jocco
Chess 4U - an interesting collection of links
CHESSELLA - Share and learn from your games - On CHESSELLA you can upload and share your (preferably annotated) chess games. Chess diagrams are printed in the games just before any critical move, so that you can try and guess the move.
Chess and Art - Art et curiosités échiquéennes
Chess Circle Forums - the place for Chess
Chess City
Chess on internet
- all about chess servers
ChessLand - Annotated chess games from the latest tournaments, openings by ECO codes, endgame strategy, links, online chess
ChessMail - Tim Harding - Orlov
Chess Quotes - a collection of wisdom and interest from world champions, grandmasters, theorists and prominent chess personalities
Chess Archaeology

Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation. It's FREE!
People tend to loose "sight" when calculating the moves in their heads. When making a search for "blindfold chess" on the internet you soon find information that one of the most important advances in your chess life is to master the art of visualisation. That's why there is this website.

Chess Trainer - Indian Chess Academy with online training.
Chess Training  - Here you'll find lessons in chess tactics, chess lectures, thousands of chess combinations, some chess history and chess games of all World Championships. You can coach yourself online!
Chess Tutorials - free chess tutorials for those players who want to learn basic chess strategy
Chess World
- links and reviews
Computer Chess Information and Resources
Computer Chess Report
Correspondence Chess Federation of Ukraine
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
Europe Echecs
- magazine
Everyman Chess - Publishers of chess books for all standards from beginner to grandmaster
Gambito - magazine
GMSquare - Alexander Baburin
Handmadechess - Information on the construction of wooden chess boards & pieces
IM Jovan Petronic  - Homepage
Infoxadrez Magazine
Jorge Laplaza
- chess school, tests, etc.

Keith's Krap - Bird's Opening / Dutch Defense site with original analysis from FM Keith R Hayward

L'Italia Scacchistica - magazine
La Grande Storia degli Scacchi - in Italian
New In Chess
Nuestro Ajedrez (Revista) 1995-2003
Pittsburgh University
Revista Ajedrex
Roman Jiganchine's Chess Page - Contains annotated games, pictures from events, database for download
Russian Chess
Satranc Dunyas (World of Chess) - Instructions and advice for beginners, repertoire suggestions, software downloads, lots of chess problems and links.
Schack Centralen - Swedish ChessDatabase (language: swedish and english) - You can find information about FIDE and Swedish rating, top20 in Norwey, Sweden, Denmark, Swedish clubs, players, links, tournaments, league, search in the database, chess news from Sweden and count Swedish rating.
Smart Chess Online
Società Scacchi Augusta Perusia - (in Italian) - with chess news from the World and from Umbria. If you want to take a vacation in this fine region, you can find some informations here about where to play chess
Test Your Chess -  Free annotated chess games, tutorials and checkmate puzzles
The Chesshaven - A place to find a little bit of everything related to the wonderful and fascinating world of chess.
Urban Chess - site dedicated to urban chess culture
Urusov Gambit -  A constellation of web sites devoted to the Urusov Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nf3) and all related lines
WiseBoard Editor - Interactive online chessboard: set up an arbitrary position, make moves, and navigate through the history of your moves. Play chess positions which require more pieces than you have available or use for position analysis - The Site of Supreme Strategy -  is devoted to both the novice and the International Master of chess. You will find on this site checkmate problems which range in mate in one to mate in four. Also, essential tactics  which are explained with diagrams.
Z-Chess International

Risorse di rete ed informazioni utili (in Italian)



ChessBase - Online - a large database (more than 1.78 million) of high quality chessgames. You can search the database by means of a Java applet. The database is updated weekly and freely accessable
Lars Balzer - link collection to chess games around the internet that can be downloaded for free
ChessBase - Player Database
ChessLab - Database on line


Chess Problems  ConradCHESS IQ by IM Conrad Goodman site, featuring a Free chess problem solving event with stamp prizes .. open to everyone. This non-profit chess site is hosted by ConradStamps chess topicals & postal stationary, errors & varieties!

Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day  Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day Like chess? Well, then I've got something that's right up your street. Everyday you'll find a new chess problem on Bruno's Chess Problem of The Day. Visit this site daily before or after work and try to solve the chess problem of the day. Different levels of difficulties are available ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). A solution to the problem will be made available the next day. Archives of problems over the last 10 days can be consulted. Languages: US and FR.

The Checkmate of the Postman Interesting chess problems, including the "The Checkmate of the Day". In Italian



The Chess Set Blog - The site has been created to unravel the complicated subject of chess sets.



Chess Sets, Chess Software and Chess for Kids

Chess Sets - Over 100 staunton chess designs Our elegant chess sets are designed to provide enjoyment during play, as well as to function as decorative pieces for your home or office. 
Chess For Less

Le Due Torri - Chess Department Store

Le Due Torri -  Since 1985 Le Due Torri has been the chess shop "par excellence". More than 5.000 items about chess: books on openings, middlegame, endings, problems, studies English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian etc. chess videos, chess equipment,  clocks, chess software, chess computers, etc.

Chess Openings software by Bookup Corp.
dsmax - DSMAX sells toys such as elegant chess sets, classic traditional games, model trains and cars.
My Chess Set - Offering a wide variety of chess sets, boards, individual chess men, clocks, chess tables and components.
Pickard & Son, Publishers
The Chess House has been supporting chess since 1972 with a very large selection of chess products and educational  materials.
- America's largest chess store features the largest selection of chess sets, chess boards, chess pieces, computer chess and chess software. - Site of well known DGT products (digital clock, electronic boards, TOMA tournament broadcasting software).


Personal Pages

Giancarlo Marcotulli
Lucio Mauro
Jean Louis Ricard


Art - original chess art works
Conrad Art - art, chess, stamps & music
Marco Gandolfo - Art Gallery 18



Bangkok Chess Club is the only international chess club in Thailand. Our site tells about the local ratings, tournament results and invitations, games, photos, etc.. In 2001 we had over 200 players from 30 countries coming in to our club evenings. All welcome!

Accademia Scacchistica Barese
Centocelle Scacchi - Roma

Circolo Scacchi Gallarate
Circolo Scacchi Bobby Fischer - Viterbo
Società Scacchi Augusta Perusia
Società Scacchistica Torinese


Play on-line

The World's Most Active Chess Club

Internet gaming zone
Bughouse is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players from all over the World! It is rapidly becoming the best place to play, compete in tournaments, join teams, learn, keep in touch with old friends and make new friends worldwide.
Play Online Chess Games - Download free chess games and chess softwares from, the premier chess server on the net Free online chess server for fast games

On the boards tournaments

First Saturday - chess tournament in Budapest for the GM, IM, FM-norms and for the ELO ratings:

Malbork Castle Cup (Poland) - chess tournament played in the rooms of the gothic castle


Shogi - The portal to the wonderful world of SHOGI
Associazione Italiana Shogi
Enrico Tognoni Shogi Page
- Introduzione allo Shogi
Fabio Forzoni Shogi Page



Download Fritz 1, Fritz 2 and Fritz 2.51, Genius 1 and 2, ChessBase 3 and more!

Arena is a freeware computer chess GUI (grafical user interface) and supported:
- WinBoard protocol by Tim Mann
- UCI protocol by Stefan Meyer Kahlen and Rudolf Huber
Under Arena are running over 130 free available chess programs and also commercial programs which are compatible to WinBoard and UCI. Examples: Gandalf, Nimzo, Shredder ...

Chess Genius

Frank`s Chess Page These pages deal mainly with free amateur chess programs. Many of these programs are 'text only' (chess playing engines without graphics) and run under the graphical interfaces called WinBoard, Arena or SCID. The goal is to present WinBoard and Arena itself and WinBoard compatible chess programs.

Are you looking for a fast way to improve your chess?
Download the Free Version of the Personal Chess Trainer software, developed by GM Gilberto Milos, and check it out. You’ll improve your game in a very short time with this revolutionary chess training system, based on repetition and memorization of key concepts and positions.

Scid chess database application for Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems.


Chess Assistant
Tim Mann's Chess Page
- Winboard


Download ChessBase Light

Download ECTool 1.70 (free)
Download ECTool Light
Download ECTool 4.10a
(the files are on this server!)
Download ECTool 7.01


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