Latvian Gambit
into the next millenium

John Elburg & Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi



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wch games from 3, 4 and 5 WCH .pgn format


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File name Description
c40_1.exe Main database games 1-4500 - (sorted by date)
c40_2.exe Main database games 4501-8893 - (sorted by date)
c40_3nxe5.exe Main database games with 3.Nxe5 - (sorted by lines)
c40_oth.exe Main database games with 3.others - (sorted by lines)
3wk games from 3WCH prelims ChessBase format
3wk_pgn games from 3WCH prelims .pgn format year 2001 cumulative update ChessBase format year 2001 cumulative update .pgn format


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