The Queen’s Gambit


A series of 3 CD from Franco Pezzi, about the Queen's Gambit with hundreds of annotated games is available! 
Each CD is in English, German and Italian.

In each CD you will find inside also CB Reader and Fritz6 Demo (kind permission of ChessBase).

You can download:


     € 9,99

The first CD is about the Queen's Gambit Accepted:
more than 15.800 selected games, 11 opening books, hundred annotated and analysed games.

Kt-KB3 Variation
Alekhine Defence
Showalter Variation
Mannheim Variation
Janowski-Larsen Variation
Classical Defence
Saduleto Variation
Kt-QB3 Variation
Immediate Queen's Check


     € 11,99

The second CD is about the Queen's Gambit Declined and the Tarrasch Defense:
27.800 selected games, 21 openings books, hundred annotated and analysed games.

Albin Countergambit
Chigorin Defense
Austrian Defense
Baltic Defense
Marshall Defense
Charousek Variation
Exchange Variation
Ragozin Defense
Variation with 5.Bf4
Tartakower Defense
Lasker's Defense
Orthodox Defense
Tarrasch Defense, Main Line
Schara-Ennig Countergambit
Rubinstein System
Swedish Variation
Semi-Tarrasch Variation
Dutch Variation


     € 11,99

The third CD is about the Slav and Semi-Slav Defense:
32.700 games, 14 opening books, hundred annotated and analysed games.

Exchange Variation
Main Variation
Winawer Countergambit
Czech Variation
Slav Gambit
Meran Variation
Anti Meran Variation
Cambridge Springs Defense
Botvinnik Variation
Flohr-Stahlberg Variation
Marshall Gambit
Abrahams Variation


     € 24,99

... and if you want all these 3 CD you can buy The Complete Queen's Gambit that includes all CD above.



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Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000, CD-Rom


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