Gambit Chess

Here I would like to invite you to our exciting world of gambit play.
A chess gambit is a exotic way to enjoy a chess game sometimes there is touch recklessness necessarily to become a gambiteer! The term gambit comes from the Italian word gambetto which was used for a tricky manoeuvre in wrestling.
So I believe there is no better place to start a Gambit side than by SEMI a place where many gambit players can meet!
So please join us here in the world of Gambit Chess!
John Elburg

Invitation to play the Latvian Gambit with John Elburg!

Gambit Chess issue 1/2000
In this issue:
Kazoks - Frederiks, cr Ol XII Finale 1999  (C89)
Sveinsson - Elburg, training game, 1999 (C40)
a free collection of Marshall games in .cbv file (476 games, period 1996/1999)

Gambit Chess issue 2/2000
In this issue:
Special Winckelmann Reimer Gambit:
Winckelmann,T (2400) - Hage,H (2407)  63rd EU Ch Semifinal, 1999
Ruggeri Laderchi,G (2345) - Perez,G (2000) WRG1 Thematic SEMI,
Winckelmann,T (2400) - Hage,H (2407) WRG Invitational SEMI
Zapf,H (2452) - Capoccia,A (2000) WRG Invitational SEMI
Zapf,H (2452) - Tatai,S (2336) WRG Invitational SEMI
Hage,H (2407) - Ruggeri Laderchi,G (2345) WRG Invitational SEMI
Hage,H (2407) - Viola,M (2226) WRG Invitational SEMI
Games from WRG1 in .cbv or in .pgn format.
The games  in html aren't full annotated, you can download file in .cbv and in .pgn format with full annotation.

Gambit Chess issue 3/2000 (Corrected April 2001)
In this issue:
Special King's Gambit Wagenbach Variation: 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 h5
In addition you can download 180 Wagenbach games in .cbv or .pgn.

Gambit Chess issue 4 (April 2001) 
In this issue:
A new idea in the Open Ruy Lopez?
Elburg,J - Kane,K / Training Game (Dilworth Variation)
Negri,J - Bergamini,L / Sicilian Rubinstein

Gambit Chess issue 5 (July 2001)
In this issue:
Oland Jensen,J - Viola,M / Dutch Leningrad (Italian)
Mauro,L - Marcotulli,G / Ruy Lopez Chigorin (Italian)
Rozzoni,R - Bascetta,M / French Tarrasch 5.f4 (English)

Gambit Chess issue 6 (December 2001)
In this issue:
Faraoni,E - Vujovic,M / Sicilian Najdorf (Italian)
Martin,P - Della Valle,M / Petroff (English)
Elburg,J - Owens,J / Latvian Poisoned Pawn
Survey - Petroff Defence - 3.d4 .... 5...Nd7
and a
Special Contribution from Lev D Zilbermints about The Zilbermints Benoni
part I
, part II, part III
join the Zilbermints Benoni Thematic!

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Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi

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